Well here we are in Bangkok – it 7am after a 10 hour flight.  Cal has left me here at the internet while he has gone wandering.  There are only a few air conditioned places in the airport and this is not one of them!  It is torrentially pouring outside and the humidity in here is 100%.  At least I got some sleep on this flight and don’t feel so catatonic.  I was so exhusted when I got on the plane I couldn’t concintrate on anything so I watched “Brave” a Disney cartoon movie.

It has been a perpetual night journey so far!  We left Halifax at 2345 and arrived at Heathrow around 0930.  We boarded for Bangkok at 1230 but there is a six hour time difference so basically the fed us supper and put us to bed again – not that I didn’t need the sleep.  I slept off and on but was trying to watch  Johnny Deep in the Lone Ranger.  It took me about six hours because I kept falling asleep and then I’d wake and rewind and start again.  Sometimes I’d fall asleep in the rewind and then fast forward.  Cal figures I watchd the movie about four times before I finished it.

Right now it’s just a wait and maybe a nap before we board a flight to back track to Kathmandu.  I really can’t believe I’m hungry again Thai Airlines fed us really well – I even opened my eyes in the middle of the night and someone plopped a sandwitch in formt of me – it was great.

Well I have to go this typing is making me sleepy again – don’t work to hard – miss you all.



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